Thursday, November 7, 2013

Family picture day - lots of pictures

Nate asked a friend from school to take some family pictures for us.  Of course it turned out to be rainy/drizzly that day, but we went for it anyways, and we are so glad.  They turned out great!  Much better than we expected actually, 3 year old + 9 month old = very unpredictable.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday

My sweet baby girl is 3!  It is so hard to wrap my head around that fact, except for the part of she is so OBVIOUSLY 3 now!  Definitely has made the switch from toddler to preschooler. 

Fun Things About My Sweet Girl:

She has a vivid imagination, plays with "Blue Dragon" and his parents (they are red if you wondered), and makes up lots of other games, stories, and songs

My little girl who was once less than 10th percentile for height and weight is now 38" tall - 75th percentile, and 30.5 pounds, 50th percentile!  Way to go!

She is starting to learn her letters and numbers, knows her colors and some shapes

She loves reading and re-reading stories until she pretty much knows them by heart

She is a great big sister, most of the time, as long as Owen doesn't mind getting stepped on, tripped over, or things dropped on his head.  Mostly they have a good time together.

She is a great mix of typical "boy" and "girl"  She likes to play dress up, babies, dollhouse, and kitchen.  But she loves to play cars and jump in mud puddles and watch cartoons with tractors and trucks!  Oh, and play "Mr. Robbie, the handyman" with her tool set.

She still loves to cuddle, and when Owen is having a nap, will frequently come over to me with her blankie and Gilbert (the cat) and ask me to hold her.  I love that part!

Love spending my days with this sweet girl!

We had a great party for this birthday, kind of the first big party.  It was a lot of fun to plan, and fun for Morgan except she starting running a fever about 2 hours before the big event.  We made it through with some Tylenol, but by her actual birthday she was down with the flu.  Poor baby.  Then Owen got it (along with a head cold) day 5 you know who was down next!

 The Big Top themed party
 Granny and Papa came in for the big day!
 Everything a girl could want - bubbles
 chocolate cupcakes with marshmallows melted on top - she was very set on this, luckily for Dad who got to bring the blow torch to the birthday party.  Yeah, it didn't work.  Could have told us that before we tried (cupcake wrappers and blow torch, not a good combination)
 coloring with friends
 and presents!  (I made her this cape - woo woo! - apparently the crazy look on my face in this picture is a sense of pride, but mostly I just look insane, thanks for noticing!)
And the finale was the dance party!  Johnny B. Goode of course

Friday, September 27, 2013


 As individuals and as a family we are all growing and learning so much.  At 8 months old, Owen is very quick at getting around but not so interested in trying to stand yet.  He's pretty happy with terrorizing exploring the house from the floor for now.
 Morgan is officially and completely potty trained.  I waited a while, but she was ready, and she doesn't even need pull-ups at night!  Way to go little girl.  She has a great imagination, plays pretend like a pre-schooler, and has an extensive vocabulary for someone who one year ago only said Mommy, Daddy, and No.  We are still working on articulation, but she'll talk, or sing, all the time!

 Morgan learned this month that it can be fun to have a little brother, and that she can play with him (or torture him).  The hat switch was my favorite...especially hearing her giggles and watching him love it too!

 Look at those beautiful cheeks, the new medicine regimen keeps the eczema almost starts to creep back when he has to be off the medicine (which is necessary on his delicate skin) but for the most part I just get to see my beautiful boy now!  Love it!
Weird picture for this blog, but I need to brag on Nate.  He is so happy to be working on ASU's team for the Solar Decathlon which will be held in Versailles, France next summer.  Keeping our fingers crossed that he (and maybe our family?) will be able to go!  He was even a local celebrity when he was quoted in the paper and had his picture on the front page for his work on the project!  He's doing a great job in school and all around!  What a lucky woman I am!

A word about my accomplishments:  I am finally learning to sew.  It has been on my wish-I-could-do-list for a long time, so I took a beginner's class over the summer through the university, and even though I'm awful at it, I'm sticking with it.  I have made a skirt that I will actually wear in public, two skirts for favorite is the puppet theater I'm making her for her birthday out of an old curtain, and a beautiful pink and white fleece cape for the winter.  Shhh, don't tell her!  It's a fun, and mostly frustrating, hobby, but I'm still excited about it for now.

Wow, look what I can do on  a Friday night when everyone else is in bed.  Pretty much caught up on the blog!  Woo Woo!

Catch-up: August

 Another trip to the North Carolina Zoo (we have a family season pass to the zoo and the aquarium, have to make it worth it!)

 Morgan is pretty much in love with elephants thanks to watching Dumbo upteen-million times right after Owen was born.  I've actually decorated their room in a sort of elephant-bird motif (do those things go together, it seems to work?)
 Owen even enjoyed the zoo this time, even though it was pretty warm.
Sneaky and silly little girl

After our zoo trip, Morgan went on her first sleepover to Granny and Papa's house for, wait for it.....5 whole days and nights!  This was huge since we've never been apart except for when I was in the hospital having Owen.  I was so nervous that she would get sad and want to come home, but be 6 hours away, but no, she had a blast.  Then I was worried she wouldn't want to come home.  She made some great memories with my parents and my family which I am so thankful for.  Some of Nate's best childhood memories are of sleepovers and visits to his grandparent's house, so I hope Morgan can have that kind of relationship with all of her grandparents.

Owen got to have some I'm-the-only-child time, which was pretty fun too.  He started loving solid foods, and at 7 months old started doing the army crawl, which he is now really proficient at.

 I love the arms in the air photos
Glad to have my little girl back in my arms again

Catch-up: July

In my still sleep-deprived brain, July was so long ago.  Back in the beautiful days of summer, when Owen started sleeping through the night, before he decided to stop sleeping through the night. 

We spent lots and lots of time outside in July.  One of our favorite places to go was Julian Price Park off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  There's a beautiful creek that runs through it and lots of places where Morgan could just play in the water and with rocks til her heart was good and content, which she could do for hours.  Give that girl a bucket, a shovel, and a little tractor and she is happy for 2-3 hours at the park.  Owen and I could just hang out, enjoying the shade or the sun, he would take a little nap, Morgan would maybe stop playing long enough to have a snack, and then we'd go home happy and content.  These days reminded me of summer days spent at the "bridge" of Harkers Island, playing in the sand and splashing in the sound with friends, cousins, or siblings.  Just not as hot.  The warmest day in Boone this summer was barely over 80, and those days I could count on one hand.  Most of the time it was in the 70s and beautiful.

Morgan's other favorite activity is playing in the rain.  While other people here in the Appalachias were praying for the rain to stop, Morgan was pulling out her rain coat and boots and praying to the rain Gods for more rain please.  Rain makes her happier than Julian Price Park, probably because the puddles were right outside the door, no need to drive to splash and play.  And the splashing and playing happened a lot.  My favorite was sitting outside with the window open, and when she didn't know I was listening, she literally sang in the rain.  Whatever song she could think of, or more likely whatever song she could make up as she jumped and splashed in puddles, with or without her boots.  Beautiful memories for this mommy.

One of Morgan's favorite outside activities is painting with water, but then the water gets used to make mud, mud pies, mud soup, etc. so sometimes Mommy decides no more water.  On one particular day, when Mommy refused to fetch more water, Morgan noticed the sky looked like it was about to rain.  So she set up all of her empty cans and buckets on the sidewalk and patiently waited (prayed) inside for the rain to come.  And when the rain started that little girl got so excited watching her buckets fill with water, it was much better than Christmas morning!  The simplest things in life make her so happy! 

Another cool activity in July was meeting (sort of) Eric Carle, a beloved children's author and illustrator.  Morgan had recently fallen in love with the Very Hungry Caterpillar, which she can tell almost word for word, and when I learned that Eric Carle would be visiting the ASU campus, we had to go!  He autographed her book, which she will show to anyone who cares to listen, and I snapped a quick picture which actually wasn't allowed!  Oops.  Ask forgiveness, not permission, right?

At the end of July we had the chance to go to Tweetsie Railroad, a little amusement-fair type park in Blowing Rock up on the mountain.  Our friends the Rowseys have season passes and went that day as well, and my parents were here visiting and decided to go, so it was really a fun and beautiful day.  Owen did not like the cowboys and "indians" on the train, well really he disliked the gun fights, but overall he did a great job of watching everyone and sleeping in the stroller so we could have a fun family day.

Owen's poor little face hit the absolute worst that day.  He has atopic dermatitis, or eczema, which luckily we saw a dermatologist that very morning and it has cleared up amazingly since then!  Bless his little heart (that's the southern girl coming out in me!)