Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our New Adventure

At the beginning of August, Morgan and I met Nate in Boone to move into our new home.  I haven't taken many pictures of our new home yet, so let me just describe it for you.  We have woods on not 1, not 2, not 3, but all 4 sides of our home.  Across the street from our house is a steep hill up.  Behind our house is a steep hill down.  You can see some of the roofs of a few other houses from our windows, but mostly, just trees.  At night it sounds like chirp, chirp, croak, tweet, and a variety of other animal sounds.  While this may sound romantic and cozy, let me just say that for someone who hasn't been camping in a few years, the first few nights were long and the roaring of a fan is necessary for my sleeping benefit!  Our new little home doesn't have AC, which we were worried about, but since the temperature has only reached a high of the mid-70s, and that's rare, it hasn't been a problem at all.  At night it actually gets down into the 50s, so no complaints from me there!

The best thing about our small house (it's really the top of a duplex)--because it's so small (800 sq. ft) and the laundry is in the kitchen, I can actually accomplish making dinner, changing laundry, and vacuuming the entire house at pretty much the same time, and I can vacuum without unplugging!  No more stairs to battle!

The worst thing about our house--old houses seem to come with a variety of smells, which  may not be noticeable to some, but to my hormonal nose, it can be strong!  Needless to say, I have already cleaned with Fabuloso, Clorox, and Pine Sol, not to mention cans of Lysol and Febreze, and a few Hobble Creek candles.  It seems to help.  Hint, hint...if anyone has some extra yummy candles laying around, send them my way!  :-)

The best thing about Boone, besides our wonderful branch here, has been our little adventures.  I'll stop talking now and let the pictures say the rest.

 Morgan "helping" with the unpacking
 Our picnic at Julian Price park, off the Blue Ridge Parkway
 Morgan loves the butterflies that are everywhere (Mom doesn't like all the other bugs) we are studying yet another butterfly
 Playing in the creek at Julian Price park
 Our adventure into the Linville Caverns in Marion, NC

 Outside Linville Caverns (can I just say I pretty much hate all pictures of me right now)

This is the best picture you can get of my family when you're waiting for a timer.  2 out of 3 with eyes open isn't bad!

Our other adventures included a really fun baseball game over in Johnson City, TN.  After the game Morgan went out with others kids and ran the bases.  When she sat down between 2nd and 3rd to play in the dirt, everyone was laughing!

There are a couple of good playgrounds close by (between 10-20 minutes) which we frequent, and we've also enjoyed some time in the children's section of the library.

And there's my pretty basic update.  Now that we're mostly settled and have internet, I'll try to do better and staying up-to-date!