Monday, January 10, 2011

Every day is a holiday

I didn't make a special post for Christmas because life just seemed so busy!  And I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.  I'm not very good at taking lots of pictures or videos because I'm just living in the moment and trying to memorize everything! 

With such a sweet little girl in my life, every day does feel like a holiday.  I no longer look forward to Fridays or special occasions.  Instead I look forward to bath time or play time, and sometimes admittedly, I look forward to sleepy time!

Morgan is almost 3 months old now.  I cannot believe how much I love her.  I love how I hear her trying to suck on her hand in the middle of the night, she does this to let me know she's hungry.  She doesn't even start to cry!  And when I go into her room and she sees me, I get a darling smile!  What a nice way to wake up at 3 a.m.  And most nights, this is the only time she wakes up!  I think I am getting spoiled with my first child.

I love sitting her in my lap to read her a story.  And I know she has no idea what I'm saying or what these pictures are, but she'll just sit there for a whole makes me hope that one day she will love to read just like her mom and dad!

Did I mention how I  love bath time?  She's starting to kick and splash in the water, and for now I don't mind the newly-cleaned mirror getting water spots all over it.  Splish-splash is our favorite bath time song.

For Christmas, Morgan got a piano that she can kick and it plays music; also a glowworm, 2 books, and pajamas.  The glow worm is her favorite I think. Here's a cute video of her enjoying play time!

We finally got around to taking Morgan's high chair out and on Sunday we enjoyed having her at the table with us for the first time for dinner.  While she was sitting there she seemed to "find" her feet.  Suddenly her feet and toes were worth staring at and then she'd kick and kick.  It was a lot of fun for us.  We must sound really boring to the rest of the world!  The joy of being parents.