Monday, June 11, 2012

Return to Lake Powell

This year was the second annual Powell Family trip to Lake Powell.  Nate's mom and dad are so sweet to provide a houseboat timeshare for us all to enjoy.  It is truly a beautiful place, so we're always excited to go back for another adventure.  This year I was a little nervous since Morgan is on the move.  She took her first steps back in February, but wasn't really "walking" until 18 months, and then it was still a wobbly-Frankenstein's monster-walk.  A few days on a boat and sand really helped her gain a lot of strength.  The first day walking on the sand, she could only go 4 or 5 feet before taking a spill.  By the third and fourth day she could walk all the way down the beach.  And I guess a few times of getting pitched down the stairs on the boat helped her learn a lot about balance!

Morgan and her cousins really enjoyed exploring the houseboat and beach.
I had to laugh when I called her Captain Morgan.

Morgan and her cousins Hudson, Ellie, and Autumn all got lots of time in the sand.  Morgan really enjoyed watching her younger cousin Autumn the whole time.  There was always sand on her hands, in her hair, in her mouth, everywhere!  A true little Island girl.

The Powells always get in lots of skiing time.  Nate is known for the longest run.  Shame on me, growing up on an island and not knowing how to ski!

One of the best parts of Lake Powell is when Gary takes us on his boat to do some exploring.  There are lots of cool coves and canyons where the water is deep, clear, and COLD!  We always do a little bathing, have a picnic, and just enjoy the view.  Nate, Jenny, Jake, and Jen also enjoyed some cliff jumping.  I'm more of a flat-lander.

Some time in the sun with my sweet hubby

The kids were so wiped out all of the time!  That constant hum of the boat and the rocking of the lake put them to sleep right in their little life vests.  Good nap time sleeping beauties.

I had to throw in another picture of Captain Morgan because I just love this little smile!  Who can resist her?

Another great year on the lake, and I have to say, our dutch oven mac and cheese was AWESOME!

On the drive from Lake Powell back to St. George, Nate and I made a quick stop in Hurricane, UT at a splash pad for Morgan to have a little play time.  We had been to other splash pads and she would play around in the puddles, but wasn't too excited about the water squirting everywhere.  Apparently a week on the lake helped with that.  She ran through all of the water like crazy.

By the time we left, she was as soaked as if she had been in the bath tub!  It was so fun to watch her get out of her shell and explore!