Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Merry month of March (mostly pictures)

The Last Snow:  (well, keeping my fingers crossed) March 26th

Morgan just loves the stuff!  We couldn't keep her out of it.  And I was pretty happy to let Owen nap inside and enjoy it for a few minutes as well!

Easter and a visit from the Powells and Guthries:

 I love the morning hair!

 Morgan really loves her little cousin James and Aunt Erin and Uncle Sam who drove all the way from Texas to see us!
 Grandpa Powell's Easter Egg Hunt is always a blast (for the adults too!)

Easter Sunday and Owen's blessing:

 I love the beauty of trying to get 3 young kids in a picture together.  I especially love the look on Morgan's face in most of these pictures.

 I really enjoyed making Easter dinner cute and yummy for all of the family that came to visit

One family in a picture is usually enough of a mess.  This many was just crazy and impossible!  But we sure love you all!  Thanks for sharing in Owen's special day with us as we celebrated him and also Our Savior Jesus Christ.

Monday, April 15, 2013

So family came to visit for Easter.  And for Owen's blessing.  And they left and we moved across town.  And then Morgan fell down a flight of stairs and got a concussion.  And I had lots of boxes to unpack.  And I still have kids to take care of which is a full-time job in itself.  Moral of the story.  No pictures today.  But soon.