Thursday, December 20, 2012

The road that led me here

Last night something happened in our home that made my life choices extremely clear and important to me (again).  Back in 2005 I made the very hard decision to leave my home, my family, and my friends to move "out west" to Utah, knowing that I wanted a temple marriage and wouldn't find that by staying home.   There were lots of hard days in those few years, some bad choices along the way, but in 2008 I made the choice to marry my eternal companion, Nathan Powell.

The past 4.5 years have not been a picnic.  We have had GREAT days and really LOUSY days as well.  I am assuming that most married lives are that way.  And when my body is full of pregnancy hormones, we have had REALLY REALLY LOUSY days when I have wondered, what the heck am I doing?!

And then Morgan gets really sick in the middle of the night.  She woke up crying last night, and I could no nothing to console her.  Anyone who knows her knows this is not typical Morgan-behavior.  She is very easily content.  She is not a big crier.  And if ever there is anything wrong, Mommy can make it better very quickly.  But not last night.  Whatever was wrong with her was causing her to act as weird as I have ever seen a child behave.  She ran around screaming and crying, clawing at the couch and pillows, her little body tensing up more and more by the second.  I tried to hold her and she could not even sit still and relax with me.  She didn't want me to touch her. Her face was red, her muscles tight, crying so much she would gag and lose her breath. It was a disturbing 10 minutes as a parent that seemed to last much longer.  We knew we had to do something quick. 

And then the moment came that reiterated to me how right some of my choices have been, but most importantly, how right Nate's choices have been.  I held Morgan, he laid his hands on her head, anointed her with oil, and within seconds I started feeling her relax.  Using the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood, a gift from our Heavenly Father, Nate was able to bless Morgan to be healed.  And she was.  It is that simple.  In literally seconds, I felt her body relax and heal, her breathing calm, her crying stop, and then she was asleep.

I am so so grateful for my husband, that he tries to live in such a way to be worthy of the Priesthood of God and is ready and willing to use that power.  I am so grateful to a Heavenly Father who loves us and wants us to be happy, He gave us gifts like the Priesthood and the Holy Ghost to help us always and especially in our times of need.  I am so grateful for this reminder during this holiday season when we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, the greatest gift our Heavenly Father has given us, our way to eternal life.  I hope all of you can feel that Spirit during the holiday season as well.  And tonight I am grateful for a sleeping healthy girl and a little boy who will be coming to our family soon.  I am so blessed and need to remember that more often!