Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring at the Zoo

We celebrated the arrival of spring by going to the zoo for the day.  I love the Hogle Zoo on a cool spring day, didn't like it much when I went in the summer and all of the animals looked like they were just suffering in the heat.  But I digress.  We had a great visit.  Morgan had this "wow" expression on her face pretty much the whole time and pointed at everything (which means she wants to touch it).  Of course she would probably not do well at a petting zoo, seeing the abuse Boog takes from her.

 Can I touch it?
 Can I touch it?
 Can I touch this one?  (You get the idea)
 We especially enjoyed watching the elephants.
 This was the first time Morgan enjoyed riding on Dad's shoulders.  So much that she didn't want to get down.  Poor Dad.

Always the giggly girls

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Discontinuing the wreaths

I posted on facebook but not on my blog:  Nate has been accepted to Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  We are hoping to sell our house and move there over the summer.  I cannot imagine how to pack up all of our belongings, so no more wreaths until we're settled there.  I don't need another thing to pack, and really have to much to do now to spend the time on much crafting.  Wish us luck!  And if you know anyone in the area searching for a new home, we have a beautiful updated home to offer!

Road Trip Adventure

While my Mom and Dad are here visiting from NC, we took a little road trip.   We started by going down to St. George for a few days, and used that as our jumping off point.  The weather there was beautiful, in the low 70s.  St. George has a beautiful area downtown with a carousel and water play area that we enjoyed one afternoon.  Well, the water was a little too cold for Morgan to like it, but we enjoyed the day nevertheless.

Everytime her little feet touched the water she stiffened up and cried.  Poor thing!

While in St. George we also enjoyed a ride to Zions National Park.  I had been there before and knew that Mama and Daddy needed to see it as well.  There is one "hike" that is paved for wheelchairs so Daddy even got to go on a hike ride.

After our few days in St. George, we drove down to Las Vegas.  By the way, when you are driving to Las Vegas is NOT a good time to remember that your air-conditioning broke last year!  But I digress.  When I was a kid and we drove through Vegas I really wanted to stay at the Excalibur, little girl loving fairy tales already had her eye on the castle!  So that's where we stayed this time around.  Daddy was able to rent a power scooter to make our travels around town a little easier on everyone.  Can I just say that only MY parents have the luck to get broken down on a power scooter?  When you're all the way down Las Vegas Blvd. is not a great time for the battery of the scooter to not stay charged.  We had a great time anyways.  Actually, I think Morgan didn't like Vegas much (can you blame her?) except for the water show at the Bellagio.

 We even splurged and enjoyed the gondola ride at the Venetian.  In my opinion, that is the prettiest thing Vegas has to offer.  They did a great job designing that building to look like you're outside.

Vegas was fun, but reminded me that man can try to make beautiful creations (distractions?) but will never ever be able to compete with the natural beauty of the earth.  From Vegas we went to Bryce Canyon, which is probably the most beautiful place I have seen in Utah.  We spent two nights there to take it all in.

 Quite the change in temperature from Vegas to Bryce

A snow storm came through our second night there so we awoke to several inches of fresh snow.  Cold, but beautiful!

We enjoyed our trip, but we were all glad to return home.  Morgan was the happiest of all.  No more car seat for a few days for you kiddo!