Friday, September 30, 2011

My favorite season

I love fall.  What else can I say?  3 words....Pumpkin Spice Eggnog.  'Nough said.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morgan's Un-Birthday

Since we would be celebrating Morgan's birthday in October in Utah, we had an early celebration with our Harkers Island family. 

 Morgan with Sissy Carol
 So glad Miss Eukie could come!
 Morgan spent a lot of time with Uncle Mikie, and he sure does look happy about it!

 Papa with food?

 Morgan loved her birthday cake, once she figured out that she was allowed to do whatever she wanted

 More please?

I love this picture!  The clean up after being covered with icing!  What is this look on her face - "Mom, that was great!  Can we do it again!  Par-T!"

Historical Williamsburg

When I hear "Williamsburg, Virginia"  I think about my favorite rollercoasters ever...

 Apollo's Chariot

Now that I have introduced Nate to these rides, he'll think about them too.  But really when he hears "Williamsburg, Virginia" he thinks forefathers, history, revolution.  So of course we spent some time touring Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown.  It was fun to hear about those who were in Williamsburg at the time of the revolution, those free-thinkers, those unique men and women, who conceived and won for us the freedoms we now enjoy.  The freedom to spend fun weekends with your family.  The freedom of religion.  The freedom to pursue happiness.

 Uh-oh.  Someone's in trouble.
 I like how the English-appointed Governor used weapons for "decorations"  Don't mess with me.  See all of my power.

That governor sure had a pretty view though.

Wait a second, did you think I could write a whole blog without mentioning Morgan?  Yeah, right!  She was spending the day with Granny, Papa, and Sissy Carol, but excited to see us at the end of the day.

Travels, Hurricanes,and Broken Computers

I was so determined to keep my blog updated.  Then, of course, the computer finally called it quits.  I'm proud to say I owned a Dell laptop for 8 long years before it popped up with a horrifying screen, "Hard Drive Not Found."  Sad day.  Luckily I had backed-up almost everything. 

The good news, now I'm a proud-part-owner of a new Toshiba, with a much faster processor, more memory, and larger hard drive.  So it's all good!

In August Morgan and I traveled to North Carolina with our visitors, Granny, Papa, and GiGi.  It was such a nice visit, even though we did have an unexpected surprise, Irene.  As my brother Mikie said, the hurricane was almost a blessing, causing us to spend so much time together as a family like we haven't done for years!  We were also blessed with safety and luckily, did not sustain much damage.

The best part of the visit was my vacation from my vacation.  We drove up to Williamsburg, Virginia, one of my favorite places, and home of Busch Gardens.  I picked Nate up at the Norfolk airport in time to enjoy a fun Labor Day weekend.  Most of my immediately family was there, as well as cousins from New York.  We had an amazing time. 

 Morgan having fun at Sesame Street
 Papa loved driving Morgan on his power chair
 This picture needs an explanation...There's a water ride called Escape from Pompei that creates quite a splash.  There's an area where you can stand and cool-off with that splash, and Nate didn't quite understand how large that splash would be.  He was standing there with Morgan and before I could get to them, down the boat went, and up came the splash, right in poor Morgan's face.  She was soaked to the bone!  The best part, she didn't even cry, just seemed a little shocked!
 Relaxing with Papa and Granny
 At nap time we rode the train so Morgan could take a little nap
 Morgan's first time on the carousel!  She didn't want to let go, even when the ride was over.
 The extended Guthrie family
 I loved watching everyone with she's hanging out with her cousin hanging out, I mean trying to eat his fingers
Checking out cousin Stacy and TJ

I had such a great time!  I love you all!