Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catch-up: 9 months old!

Morgan is 9 months old today!  How did this happen?  I can't believe it.  I need to be much better at taking pictures and videos and documenting all of these moments!

All About Morgan

She has to be one of the best little night-sleepers ever.  She never cries to go down at night...she actually will start to get upset if she's not in her crib by 7 pm!  And almost every night she sleeps 12 hours straight.  She recently decided that it's not fun to sleep on her back, so she reminds me of the hands of a clock now, turning around in her crib all night.

Morgan had to wear a helmet for about 3.5 months.  She just graduated from it last week!  Yea!  While she was wearing it she decided the way to get around was to use the helmet as a sort of wheel, and when she was on her back she would push off with her feet and slide along.  It was really cute, but has slowed down her progress a bit.  She can roll around really well, but no crawling yet.  She likes standing now though, so maybe she'll just skip crawling and go to walking.

I've really enjoyed making home made food for her, so she's tried lots of different foods.  Some of her favorites that have surprised me are baby guacamole and split pea soup!  She also loves fruit purees, especially blueberry.  I freeze them and she licks on it like a popsicle.  Messy but fun.

She's still pretty small for her age.  Only 17.5 pounds, 27 inches.  Sometimes she's just not that interested in a bottle or food.  I wish I had that problem!

We have a lot of fun playing together.  She loves her jumperoo, she loves playing at the pool, and I am so proud that she gets her face wet and doesn't cry.  She already wants to doggy paddle.  A future swimmer perhaps?  Her new favorite toys are measuring cups and spoons.  When I'm in the kitchen, that's where she wants to be.

She can say ma-ma and da-da plus a lot of other stuff that no one knows.  She is so ticklish, especially on her sides and neck.  And I'm proud to say, she definitely acts like she loves her mommy.  And did I mention she has a ton of hair?

Catch-up: Lake Powell

The catching up continues:

In June, Nate's parents rented a house boat for everyone to stay on at Lake Powell.  I had never been so I was so excited, and so impressed!  What a beautiful place to vacation!  The water was so cold, still in the 60s while we were there, but some times during those HOT days it was nice and refreshing, yet shocking!  Here are just a few pictures of our visit.

 The water was a bit too cold for little Morgan, she could only enjoy it for a few minutes.  So we rigged up a bucket, pulled some water up to the top deck, and let it warm up in a little pool for her.
 Enjoying some time in the sun
 We discovered that Morgan loved drinking ice cold water, even when it would trickle down!  "Big girl cups" are still one of her favorite things.
 All of the kids enjoyed reading stories everyday.  Too bad we only had 3 books to choose from.  Did you know that Mr. Brown Can Moo?  Can you?  You should try it.
 I loved watching Morgan with her cousins Hudson and Ellie.  Cute Hudson kept coming close and would say, "You're such a good girl," in his cute little I'm-an-adult-acting-like-a-baby voice.

One of my favorite things to do with Morgan is blow on her side and arm pit and listen to the giggles!

Catch-up: Visit to NC

So after about 4 months of not blogging, I'm finally back!  Yea!  It seems that the combination of an old computer and a new baby equals a full hard drive.  So much has happened in that time, but I'm just going to do a quick catch up.  Here goes...

Back in April, we decided that Morgan's flat spot wasn't getting any better so she was fitted for a helmet.  I was SO sad, I love kissing her little head, but had to do what was best for her.  She handled it like a trooper.

At first the helmet seemed so large, but after a few weeks it was trimmed down and we added some cute vinyl flowers, and I guess after a while I just got used to it.

In April we also visited Harkers Island to celebrate Easter.  It's so nice to go back and visit family, especially knowing how much they miss me.  Did I say me?  I totally meant Morgan.  That's really who they miss now.  We enjoyed some great photo opportunities while enjoying the view.

I love this picture!  It makes me think she's enjoying the smell of salt water!