Monday, March 4, 2013

2.5 yrs + 6 wks = 1 exhausted mommy

Well, the title says it all.  I love being a mommy.  But it is exhausting most days.  Little Owen is still not able to nurse because of his high palate so my day is filled with pumping, bottle feeding, chaeuffering, diaper changes, coloring, cooking, laundry, cleaning, cuddling, story-telling....and all of this multiple times.  I know it is great.  I just have to keep reminding myself that this is true.

At 6 weeks old Owen is at about 10.5 pounds and is starting to look a little chunky, which is a nice change.  I always worried about my little Morgan gaining weight.  He has a great smile with two tiny dimples that he always gives me when we play pat-a-cake.  He is definitely aware of his big sister, but possibly a little scared of her at this point.  She likes to steal his nose, a trick she learned when Dad stole her nose and now she likes to return the favor.  The last two nights he has let Mommy sleep for 5-6 hours at one stretch.  Woo Hoo!  He loves taking a bath, but hates getting out of the tub.  He loves to be held when he's sleeping most of the day, but sleeps well at night if he is swaddled very tight.  He can already hold his head up and look around pretty well.  Our time with him is already flying by.

He looks a lot like the other men in my life:  his daddy and my daddy.  Oh, and his hair is the cutest strawberry blonde, more red in certain light, that reminds me a lot of his sweet Uncle Sam. 

Morgan has definitely entered the twos.  I won't call them terrible yet, but sometimes we are almost there.  She is very mischievous at times, but still sweet and loving as well.  She really enjoys going to her pre-school two days a week and barely even blinks an eye when I say good-bye, which makes me happy and sad.  She's talking up a storm now, although we can't quite understand everything she says.  She still loves to play in the snow.  She especially loves basketball and has gone to 3 games on campus with her dad.  She comes home to tell me "Daddy took me basketball game."  And they tell me about the band and the popcorn.  Fun for them and a little quiet time for Mommy and Owen.  Morgan's favorite color is blue and most of the time she can tell me things that are red, blue, or green.  Her favorite numbers are 4,5,6.  She likes to skip the 1,2,3 part.  Her favorite game is hide-and-seek, which makes me laugh when she runs out and exclaims "You found me!"  She loves money.  Not for the things money can buy.  But just for the sake of money.  She now has a money jar and earns an "allowance" for brushing her teeth, letting Dad comb her hair, and helping clean up.  It's great that pennies mean as much to her as anything else.  We have a great time with her.

Nate is working working working at school, church, fatherhood, and being a husband.  He is Morgan's favorite playmate and Owen's favorite cuddler when it's bedtime.  And my strength on long days and nights and times when I'm ready to give up on nursing, he keeps me going.

So that is my life.  Plus I've decided, thanks to my sister's prompting, to start the couch to 5k program.  I've managed 2 days so far!  Yea me!  I will give myself a pat on the back, because just the effort to make it to the rec center on campus seems to be a big deal right now, then to actually attempt running again, go me!  Now if I could just stop eating, I'm hungry all the time!  At least I'm burning lots of calories...we'll see how it goes.