Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Fun

We have been having a great time this summer!  We've been living with Nate's parents, along with his brother and his family.  So with 4 kiddos in the house, we've been on the move a lot and staying busy.  Here's a few pictures from our summer of fun.  (No one really wants to read what I have to say anyways, right?)

 Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant

 Farm Country with friends Henry and Ryker
 Back to the Hogle Zoo with Grandma and cousins Hudson, Ellie, and Autumn

I'll leave out the pictures of the week and a half virus, including but not limited to fever, rash, conjunctivitus, runny nose, coughing.

End of an Era

It has been a big year for change.  We sold our house.  We gave away our dog.  And then I sold my car!  In the spring of 2003, after I had graduated from college and used my new job to pay off my "stupid" college debt, I bought myself a new car, and for the next several years made a payment every month on time until the bank sent me a title to my blue Jeep Liberty.  I loved that car!  Sunroof.  Patriotic flag on the back.  Atlantic blue color.  Only time I hated that car was driving in the snow with a rear wheel drive.  And now she is gone.  Sad day!  But at least we don't have to drive it across the country.  Good-bye baby!

 The white Jeep Grand Cherokee next to it is our new (to us) family car.  Even though I'll miss my Liberty, I have to admit, the Cherokee is an upgrade.
 Now I'll need a new HI sticker.  (Harkers Island for all those non-Island natives)