Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

We put up a For Sale By Owner sign in front of our house on a Wednesday night and sold it on Saturday!  So things have started moving pretty quickly, and since we close on May 15th, I have actually already started packing.  Soon we'll be saying good-bye to our first house together.

This is the house where Nate and I started dating, he proposed, we began our life together as husband and wife, we found out we were pregnant, and brought home our beautiful little girl.  And everything in between!  So this place holds a lot of memories and it's a little hard to see it go, but at least I'll have those memories still.

On Sunday we celebrated Easter with baskets, candy, the Bible story of Easter, and a great video called He Is Risen.  I love the chance to remember my Savior Jesus Christ again.  Without Him, I would not be here with this life.  His Atonement allows me and all of us to repent and have the chance to make better choices, including Eternal Life.  I am so grateful to Him for the happiness the knowledge of His Gospel has afforded me.

Morgan was mostly happy with Easter eggs and chocolate peanut butter eggs.  In true Easter tradition, too much chocolate was involved in breakfast.

 No to the peeps
 Our daughter, always the ham